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      ABC123 is a learning app to teach children their ABCs, 123s, Shapes, and Colors. ABC123 is also a great way to teach children how to read. Each letter page has upper and lower case letter blocks. Clicking on the letter blocks will state the letter as well as the sound it makes. Each letter page also has a word that starts with that letter, except for "X," which has the word "Fox" because we wanted a word that used the phonetic "X" sound. In researching ABC123 with reading specialists and elementary teachers, we found it is best to teach the fundamentals of phonetic pronuciation while gradually introducing sight words. Overall, the letter pages in ABC123 are mostly phonetic, however, ABC123 will also introduce your child to some more advanced elements such as consonant blends ("br," "tr," "cl," etc.) as well as irregular vowels. For example, the word for "U" is "Umbrella," which includes both a consonant blend ("br") and irregular vowel ("uh" sound for letter "a").

      ABC123 allows you to click on each letter of the word to hear the sound that letter makes. Below each word is an image representating that word. You click on the image to hear the whole word, as well as a humorous interaction your children will love.

      At the bottom of each letter page are navigation buttons. The button in the bottom-left goes back one page to the previous letter, while the button in the bottom-right goes forward one page to the next letter. Alternatively, each page can be switched with a swipe to the right or to the left. The button in the bottom-center goes to a list of all the letters. On the page with all the letters, click on the musical note button in the bottom-right to hear the ABC song and watch as each letter on the page is highlighted when it is sung.

      The number, color, and shape pages are similar to the letter pages in layout. However, the words in these pages are not parsed out phonetically as they are in the letter pages. This is because many of the words in these other sections are not phonetic, but rather are sight words (i.e., one, two, eight, blue, circle, crescent, etc.), and based on our research, we discovered it was best that the individual parsing of letter sounds conincide only with phonetic pronuciations. Nonetheless, these other sections are a great way to introduce your child to sight words.

      We hope that your child will love playing ABC123 as much as you will love watching them learn their ABCs, 123s, Colors, and Shapes. Let us know what you think about ABC123, what you like and what needs improving. We are dedicated to giving you and your child the best app experience we can provide.

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