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Chalkboard Games HD

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Crazy Mike from Crazy Mike's Apps rated us 4/5 stars!! You can watch Crazy Mike's review on the Crazy Mike's Apps website here: Full Review

How To Play

      Chalkboard Games HD is "chalk"-full of hours of fun with five games in one. Yes FIVE GAMES, as in CINCO, FÜNF, 五, خمسة, πέντε, CINQ, FIMM, חמש ... okay, so you get the picture. You get five games in one, including: Tic Tac Toe, Four in a Line (like "Connect 4"), Pyramid (a JANES Works original), Dots & Boxes, and Hangman with over 1,000 words to guess (and growing). And all of the games come in 2-player as well as 1-player modes. These games would cost you at least $5 if you bought them separately on the App Store, but we are offering all of them together for only $1.99 for the HD version and $0.99 for the Universal version. Chalkboard Games HD is available on the following app markets:

JANES Tic-Tac-Toe can be played between two players in 2-player mode, or against the computer in 1-player mode. If the turn is 'X' a player must click somewhere on the grid to place the 'X.' When there are three Xs or Os in a line, or a tie, then the game will end and the scores will be updated accordingly. Click "Play Again" to start a new game or the "Home" symbol to return to the main menu.

JANES Four in a Line is like "Connect4." The goal is try to align four discs vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. There are two ways to place a disc. Hold your finger over the column desired and then release your finger once the red disc is under your finger. The disc then drops into that column. Alternatively, you can press any column in the yellow-grid area to place the disc over that column. Once you have the disc where you want it to drop, simply click on the red disc to make it drop.

JANES Pyramid, a JANES Works original, is the ultimate logic game. The winner of Pyramid is the player who crosses the last vertical line, or lines, in a row. A player can cross out as many uncrossed lines in a single row as he or she chooses. A player, however, cannot cross two or more lines that are separated by a line that has already been crossed out. For example, the third row contains three vertical lines. The computer crosses out the middle line, leaving one uncrossed line to the left and another to the right. Since only the middle line is crossed out, a player could cross out the line to the left or to the right of the middle crossed-out line in a single turn, but not both. In other words, you cannot cross out multiple lines that lie on both sides of a crossed-out line in a single turn. The player to cross the last line wins.

JANES Dot-Box allows you to select from six different patterns. Lines between the dots are drawn by tapping on the area between the dots. Played just like the classic Dots & Boxes game, when all four lines around an area have been completed the area is assigned to the player who drew the last line completing the square. A player gets an extra turn when they complete a box. The player to complete the most boxes wins.

JANES Hangman comes loaded with hours of entertainment with over 1,000 words to guess (and growing). In 1-player mode, a player tries to guess a randomnly selected word from a category the player selects. In 2-player mode, a first player enters a word and a second player guesses the letters. If the second player can guess the word then he or she gets the point. However, if they are not able to guess it, then the win goes to the first player that entered the word. It is then the second player's turn to see if they can stump the first player.

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