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Word Craft DE

Available For
Kindle Fire
Cross-platform Mobile App Development Showcase


How To Play

      Improve your vocabulary with Word Craft! If you love word games and trivia, then you will love Word Craft: Dictionary Edition! Word Craft DE is just the first of many Word Craft editions to come (History, Geography, Bible, Sports, and Music Editions, etc.), all of which are guaranteed to test your word skills while helping to build your vocabulary and knowledge. Play alone or with a group of friends and family. Each word is broken up into word blocks. For example, "Altogether" could be broken up into the word blocks "AL", "TOG", "ETH", "ER." These correct word blocks are mixed together with other incorrect word blocks. Your job is to pick the right word pieces in the correct order to spell the word defined. And with Open Feint support, you can play against players from around the world. Word Craft DE is available on the following app markets:


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